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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Northside Kid's Sponsorship Program-Costa Rica

Last Thursday, Jose, Faby, I visited over 90 kids in the Sponsorship Program from this past year. This is a program designed to help children of low income families to be able to go to school.
In January, each child received a backpack, shoes, uniforms, and all supplies needed to enter school. This was the first year that this program was run in Costa Rica and we are planning to continue this next January. It was really important that we visit each child, about mid year to remind them to work really hard as they need to pass their grade in order to remain eligible for this program.
At this time, we have over 350 kids in the program.
This Friday, Saturday and Monday, Pastor Mauricio,Marjorie & I will be visiting most of the remaining communities. In some cases they will be assembling at a local church or school in order for us to have time to meet with all of the children. Jose, Faby & their friend Ivania will be visiting Pilon de Azucar after I leave & Nathan and Kathy (Missionaries) will be contacting the children from the Limon & Siquirres areas.

We saw some amazing things that have already changed in the lives of these families. We saw government assistance in purchasing new homes (like the photo above) for families in extreme need and we saw their grades showing how hard the children are working in order to receive help next year. Also seeing the faces of families as they recognised us & their welcoming and thankful hugs was very humbling.

If you would like more information or to give to this ministry, please contact Northside Church at 604.942.7711

My school graduation

This is CISA (Christian Immersion Spanish Academy),

my Spanish Language School in Tuis, Turrialba in Costa Rica.

Christian Immersion Spanish Academy (CISA) was created with the purpose of giving people the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and language within a Christian context and serve at the mission at the same time. The program is run by Hector Soto & Daniel Montoya & administrated by April Binnie (originally from Ontario). They also run the Voz Que Clama Mission (VQC Mission) which is an Non-profit organization in Costa Rica with the purpose of keeping projects that will spiritually and physically help the communities that they serve. One of their focuses is the indigenous people of Costa Rica and more specifically running a home for handicapped indigenous people.

Gatika & Carmen-

two amazing ladies who cook and care for the people at the school & the Mission

Armando (my fabulous Spanish Professor)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recent animals

Noe's grandma's small pet Tepisquintle (Paca) -
one of the largest rodents in the World; grows to about 20-30 inches
very expensive delicacy to eat in Costa Rica

couple of visitng spiders in Yoldi

beautiful but very large moth in our living room in Jicotea


Here is everyone (unfortunately minus AnaMaria, Glenda & Grandma) who had hiked out early in the morning (about 5am) to go into Bereh.
We had a great trip, lots of time together to share; laughing, smiling, talking, even watching the Narnia DVD.
I am going to share some of the stories but please remember that they are stories we'd find funny being from North America but I want to say how thankful I am for their tremendous hospitality and for welcoming me into their home.
Here are some of our funny stories...Nasario bought a pig for us to enjoy for dinner so Esteven killed his first pig (an event in itself but I promised not to talk about it). This is a very special thing for them to buy this for us. I am not wanting to sound ungrateful as I really appreciate the love that went into it but I must admit I had a little difficulty with the small piece of pork with a huge chunk of fat attached (may I mention it's boiled not crispy like bacon) but I think the hardest part of it was the hairs still attached to the skin..need I say more.
Bathroom: well a wood bucket type outhouse but there was a family of bees that had taken up residence in the toilet so needless to say I went pea behind the outhouse and well, let's just say I took pills to help out with the other.
Shower: a bucket and cold water, after I finally gave in and washed my hair, I was sure that it had time to fry before going to bed. As apparently, cockroaches love moist places to set up residence.
Bed: no problem, a foamy on the floor in the parent's room (they had generously given up their bed for Josiah, Cynthia and Joel). Both Esteven and I slept on the floor in sleeping bags. However I did wake up to find Esteven using my feet as his pillow.
Animals: well Many...chickens, roosters, turkeys, 4 dogs, pigs, piglets, baby Chickie's, 3 cats, horse, mule, cows (I detest cows...their stupid), spiders... I'm sure there was more because everywhere I looked they were there. A pig actually slept right under the floor where Esteven and I were sleeping. The roosters crow at all hours. i could go on.
Having said all that, I loved it!! I'm so glad it could be my last big event before coming home.

Hike to the Waterfall

One afternoon, Noe, Esteven, Glenda, Brayan and I took a little hike to a waterfall near their house.
Thought you'd enjoy some beautiful nature shots. Noe and Esteven even climbed a little closer for a better look at the falls.
Yoldi-Church (built by Northside in 2003)
NEW Yoldi School-
previous school was visited by Northside Youth -Spring 2006

The Madriz Salazar Family

Noe (16)Brayan (9)
Glenda (12)

Isac (6)
Estefanny(2), AnaMaria(19) & Nasario (dad)
Estefanny (2) Floribeth (10)
Ronald Elias(14) & I (more than 14)
Ana Maria (19)
Ilda(mom) & Caleb (1)

House in Yoldi

Their New House- built by the Cartago Church
parent's bedroom
the old house- now is the kitchen
kitchen stove
Kitchen -prep area
Kitchen-mom spends the entire say here (a lot of smoke from the fire)
Laundry basin, also acts as bath for Joel
(you can see a metal walled room to the left...that's our shower)

Hike to Yoldi

Cynthia & I -starting out
Joel & JosiahNoe- met us in Bereh (with horse & mule)
Esteven- joined us for the hike
the Mule- Northside bought this mule about 3-4 years ago.....
thanks, you can see how hard it worked!!!

Here we are hiking to Yoldi (Noe, AnaMaria & Rolias' house). Yoldi is about 4 hours walk from our house but we parked our car in Bereh (closer in) and hiked a little less than 2 hours to their home.

After struggling with my Asthma on the same hike, one and a half years ago, it was a miracle when I had no trouble at all this time. We did have a few rest stops for water and some extra help with our luggage by their mule and horse but no struggle with my asthma.

It was after my trip a yer and a half ago, that I decided I could move to Costa Rica. It was an absolute miracle when I finally made it to the top. It was a that moment that I knew that I would be able to move here and that God would take care of everything for me.

So this year when I had problems with my asthma only one week before we were to go on the hike, I was very afraid that the same thing was going to happen again on this hike. But the following night, after my asthma attack in Jicotea, the LA team came to visit us. Mayra spoke about nearly dying from Asthma...I quickly knew that I needed to pay close attention to what she was saying. She had been healed by God one night when she cried out for help after she thought she was going to live. Wonderfully she was healed and she stopped taking her medication. I spoke with her about my upcoming trip and my fears and she prayed for me and the following day, I thru away my medication. I didn't even take an inhaler with me on the hike. All I can say is Thank God for my healing!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


EWWWW....YES, this is a Jumbo Cockroach!! Need I say more...............