the LCD watch

Friday, September 29, 2006

the LCD watch

the LCD watch
Hola, well almost two weeks after leaving home, I am now sitting in Cynthia's parent's house. This is my first real attempt to post an update on what's been happening down here.

let's start at the beginning, On Sunday September 17th, my parent's, the Douglases (sr.) and the Rogers drove me down to Seattle Airport.

When we were being questioned by the border guard, he asked for our passports and he asked me if I worked in Nuclear Medicine – okay I know they know all about us but how did they know that???? Finally it hit us that the Douglas’s and Rogers had been thru first and been the little bird who whispered in his ear. Anyway he asked about what I would be doing down there as a medical missionary.
We talked a little bit about my plans to help out in the medical clinic. Then he asked how my husband felt about the whole thing. (I was hoping he was going to reveal to me who that is) but no such luck, I guess that’s only for God to know for now. :)
When we reached the airport, I was quite nervous because I had a bag that was overweight by 15 pounds which I knew would cost me $25 but it was also 3 inches to big in length and that would cost me $100 for an overheight bag. I had bought the bag in LA in Chinatown in June and it only cost me $18 but now i was going to pay for it.!!

When I went to the counter to check in , I was told that I had a center seat not the window seat as I had requested twice!! I tried to complain but she said that she was sorry but that was all she had. So I had to accept it. When she went to check in my baggage and realized she was going to really upset me when she had to tell me that I was going to have to pay. So she tagged it as Heavy but never charged me. How great is that and she suggested I talk to the stewards at the gate and see if they could get me a window seat.

Next was having to say goodbye to my parents which was really, really hard. I was so glad that they had friends to be with them.

I got to the security post and the guy said "oh, you're have SSSS on your ticket." What does that mean? he said I was super, super, super special and would now get the "deluxe" secondary search. This 'bonus' gave me a nice pat down, removal of my shoes, search of my carry-on and a wipe test of my computer. She was really nice about it and even offered to replace the tissues that I had to throw away... I realized I still must have had a tear-streaked face. "Were all those poeple my family?" she asked. When I said yup she made me make sure that I waved at them to make sure they knew that everything was okay.

Of course, I did get a center seat!! I arrived in Atlanta and even figured out the super trams to get to the other terminal and I arrived in Costa Rica safely with Josiah and Cynthia (Josias y Cynthia) waiting for me.

Now, two weeks have almost gone by and I have had 7 days of Spanish, about 21 hours, and of course.. am now fluent?!?!? k, maybe not but I am really trying hard cuz I really like to talk and not being able to understand is really getting in my way!!!

Let's see what else, today I had cow tongue for lunch......... yup, that's exactly what I thought......
But it really was very good (as long as I didn't think about it to much). Two days ago when I picked up my computer bag, a cookarocha (or Cockroach in English) ran up the inside of my arm.... URG! ya, I had a little freak out (Josiah found it very amusing)... and two days later I still have goosebumps. I don't think even a year of being down here will make it so I can handle that!!!