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Friday, June 06, 2008

9 months later

...has nothing to do with being pregnant!!!

Here I am back in Costa Rica 9 months later. I arrived on Tuesday at 8.47pm and have been staying with Jose and Fabi. I plan to move on Sunday into Nathan & Kathy`s place (Missionaries from the States who are home on Furlow till September).

It`s been great catching up with everyone but also a little annoying trying to recall some of my Spanish. But thanks to letters & phone calls from Costa Rica & practising with Sheryl Sanderson over the last few months, I haven`t lost it all but I just to practise to gain confidence again.

Josiah and Cynthia also came from Jicotea to say hi on Wednesday. Joel has grown so much and I`ll post some pics the next time I see him (seems I`m out of practise taking all my blog photos as well). They are now the directors of the Mission`s Council here in Costa Rica so I will be working under them along with Jose and Fabi. They have tons of great ideas so I can`t wait to see what is next.

I`m working on hooking up my cell phone still but I am very happy to say that I bought a car today. It just arrived on a barge straight from the States. This is good news here because it means it hasn`t been driven on roads in Costa Rica yet. Roads here tend to be very hard on the suspension due to the Huge Potholes that are unmarked and pop out of nowhere. You have to see it to beleive it!! Ask anyone whose been here & all the tourist books talk about it.

Anyway, it`s a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick (the same as I had before but bigger with 4 doors instead of 2) with only 85,000 kms. Cars here are almost double the price as what you would pay in Canada because the importers have to pay a tax (an additional 50 % of the value) so in order to make any profit for importing, the prices are nearly double here. It has air-conditioning which of course is for the visitors from Canada & the States but I guess I can suffer with it. :)