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Monday, October 09, 2006

A few fun pics

Jesus Lizard- can walk on water
Cahuita beach-near Limon
Irazu Volcano

My Costa Rican Family
front row: Marielle (Cynthia's neice)
second row: Justin (from Kentucky); Cynthia's Dad Raphael
third row: Cynthia, Brad (from Kentucky) and then Cynthia's sister in-law's nephew
Back row: Terecita (Cynthia's Mom); me;Josiah;Jessica & Raphael (Cynthia's brother & his wife)

Cahuita Beach on the Caribbean

Jesus lizard- can walk on water

Sunday, October 08, 2006

written on Sat, October 6th

What a busy week!! Last Saturday, we visited a Volcano (Volcan Irazu) with two friends of Josiah’s from Kentucky who had been leading a men’s conference in Cartago over the weekend. The volcano has the greenest lake I have ever seen.

On Monday morning we headed to the Caribbean coast, I had never been to that part of Costa Rica. First we visited Limòn; it sooo unbearably muggy and is a city that has been a terribly neglected area since an earthquake ravaged it in 1991. These Afro-Caribbean people are very isolated from other people in Costa Rica; both in location and in society. Saw a lot of Jamiacan flags and lots of hemp bracelets.

Once thru Limòn, we headed to the coast to Cahuita with a beautiful beach and national Park where we saw monkeys and lizards. We also spent a couple of hours in the waves and on the beach, no rain while we were swimming but once we got out, the rain poured down….the temperature was probably upper 90’s with a 100% humidity!!! Very sticky!! Fortunately, Cynthia is pregnant and needs air conditioning and since I was sharing a room with them, I had to have AC too!! We went out to dinner and had Marlin Sushi Costa Rican style and even saw a sloth, walking beside us in the restaurant.

Last night Josiah cooked burritos, the ground beef was a little pink so I asked him why and there were three choices, either it wasn’t cooked long enough, or the tomatoes had kind of colored the meat or he was horsing around and we were supporting the Equine Race. After I microwaved mine to see if the meat would brown more… I soon learned that this pink meat was not going to turn brown and I was sampling Mr. Ed.
When in Rome……