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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pork..the other white meat

I'm finally going to catch up on my blog. These photos are from June 12th when I first went to visit Jicotea. Josiah purchased a pig from the neighbor. I hadn't realized it would be such an affair.

In fact as soon as the fire got going neighbors started arriving to see what was going on...I found out later they all new what was going on but it's part of the process and everyone shares when they roast a pig so this was their time to collect.

First the pig is brought over on a rope being bribed by bits of food on the way. Once it arrives the slaughter itself is very quick (I promise I left out all the gory pictures) and then begins the bath in hot water in which all the hair is removed followed by lemons being rubbed all over which makes the skin all white and clean (last picture). Once that is done they begin the cooking by fire.


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