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Monday, September 03, 2007

Jicotea Scholarship Program

July 2007-as I wrapped out down in Costa Rica, here are some of the photos of my last few weeks.
Here are the students in the Jicotea Scholarship Program for 2007. This program sponsors high-school students with school supplies, uniforms and assistance with bus fare to and from school as well as lunches while at school. The nearest daytime high-school is in La Suizza which is about 45 minutes by bus from Jicotea. Most of these kids would not be able to go to high-school if we didn't assist them with the money needed. Quite often these students would have dropped out after grade 6 (end of elementary school) and begin working cutting sugarcane or picking coffee. The Indigenous teens in this program attend night school in Plantanillo (about 20-25 minute walk from our house). They would not be able to attend high-school if they didn't live with us as there are no high-school inside the Reserve. Their homes are about 4 hours from our house. Josiah and Cynthia would love to see a dormitory style program with over 20 teens living on the property in Jicotea. We also would love to see these teens continue on to University to receive even more education and opportunities that they would never have had without this program. Please pray for continued support as they work hard to see lives change.
Noe Madriz Salazar
Priscilla Lopez Vargas
Ronald Elias Madriz Salazar
Saray Lopez Vargas
Ronald Valesquez
Ana Maria Madriz Salazar
Andres Lopez Vargas
Carol 'Dayana' Marin Martinez
Steven Arias Solano
Marianela Velasquez Arley

Missing photo: Jose Luis Campos Hernandez


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