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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Here is everyone (unfortunately minus AnaMaria, Glenda & Grandma) who had hiked out early in the morning (about 5am) to go into Bereh.
We had a great trip, lots of time together to share; laughing, smiling, talking, even watching the Narnia DVD.
I am going to share some of the stories but please remember that they are stories we'd find funny being from North America but I want to say how thankful I am for their tremendous hospitality and for welcoming me into their home.
Here are some of our funny stories...Nasario bought a pig for us to enjoy for dinner so Esteven killed his first pig (an event in itself but I promised not to talk about it). This is a very special thing for them to buy this for us. I am not wanting to sound ungrateful as I really appreciate the love that went into it but I must admit I had a little difficulty with the small piece of pork with a huge chunk of fat attached (may I mention it's boiled not crispy like bacon) but I think the hardest part of it was the hairs still attached to the skin..need I say more.
Bathroom: well a wood bucket type outhouse but there was a family of bees that had taken up residence in the toilet so needless to say I went pea behind the outhouse and well, let's just say I took pills to help out with the other.
Shower: a bucket and cold water, after I finally gave in and washed my hair, I was sure that it had time to fry before going to bed. As apparently, cockroaches love moist places to set up residence.
Bed: no problem, a foamy on the floor in the parent's room (they had generously given up their bed for Josiah, Cynthia and Joel). Both Esteven and I slept on the floor in sleeping bags. However I did wake up to find Esteven using my feet as his pillow.
Animals: well Many...chickens, roosters, turkeys, 4 dogs, pigs, piglets, baby Chickie's, 3 cats, horse, mule, cows (I detest cows...their stupid), spiders... I'm sure there was more because everywhere I looked they were there. A pig actually slept right under the floor where Esteven and I were sleeping. The roosters crow at all hours. i could go on.
Having said all that, I loved it!! I'm so glad it could be my last big event before coming home.


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