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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Northside Kid's Sponsorship Program-Costa Rica

Last Thursday, Jose, Faby, I visited over 90 kids in the Sponsorship Program from this past year. This is a program designed to help children of low income families to be able to go to school.
In January, each child received a backpack, shoes, uniforms, and all supplies needed to enter school. This was the first year that this program was run in Costa Rica and we are planning to continue this next January. It was really important that we visit each child, about mid year to remind them to work really hard as they need to pass their grade in order to remain eligible for this program.
At this time, we have over 350 kids in the program.
This Friday, Saturday and Monday, Pastor Mauricio,Marjorie & I will be visiting most of the remaining communities. In some cases they will be assembling at a local church or school in order for us to have time to meet with all of the children. Jose, Faby & their friend Ivania will be visiting Pilon de Azucar after I leave & Nathan and Kathy (Missionaries) will be contacting the children from the Limon & Siquirres areas.

We saw some amazing things that have already changed in the lives of these families. We saw government assistance in purchasing new homes (like the photo above) for families in extreme need and we saw their grades showing how hard the children are working in order to receive help next year. Also seeing the faces of families as they recognised us & their welcoming and thankful hugs was very humbling.

If you would like more information or to give to this ministry, please contact Northside Church at 604.942.7711


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Only a few more days!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you.
love T


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