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Monday, September 03, 2007

Good-bye Party #1

SURPRISE......I apparently am very gullible as two suprise parties were planned and executed with me completey unaware until the word Surprise was yelled. The first party was in the church in Turrialba after I had preached on Sunday Morning July 22nd; it was my first time and I even attempted a little in Spanish but thankfully Cynthia translated the rest for me. After church it seemed like the church was planning an afternoon meeting as they were changing over the usual chairs into long tables. Josiah kept saying we were going to go have this great lunch after. Anyway as the food starting to be brought in and they asked me to sit and then SURPRISE.....

Pastor Marjorie & I
Some of the members of the church

Mauricio, Josiah, Cynthia, Cecilia

Andres, Saray, Marjorie, Mauricio, Priscilla Lopez

Handsome Joel

Cynthia & Cecelia


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