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Sunday, September 09, 2007


JULY 25/07-posted in Sept.

Well, once again I was duped. I came home from a Mission's Meeting in Cartago to find Mauricio's car in the driveway. This was strange as he had been at the Meeting as well which is 2 hours from our place and over an hour in the other direction from his house. Didn't click...

Philip was there waiting for Jose and Fabi to arrive as they were driving me home and then heading out to Philip's; so that wasn't to strange BUT still didn't click...

when I opened the door, SURPRISE!!! DOPE, caught again

I found all of the people that had become family to me...Josiah, Cynthia, Joel; Jose & Faby; Pastor Mauricio & Marjorie Lopez, Andres; Philip & Saukeen Jones, Emily, Christy, Jakey, Anna; Timothy & Keiry Jones, Rebekah, (Hannah-not there), Marc,Ruthie, John, Abby; my neighbours Steven & Randall; My kids Noe, Ana Maria & Rolias (who all had special permission to skip school that night)....VERY SNEAKY (by the way, there is no word in Spanish for sneaky)
We had a special dinner, very Costa Rican...PIZZA? okay, maybe not too Costa Rican

Keiry & me

Ana MariaMarjorieAndres

Rolias & StevenTimothy, Jakey, Philip & Annie Cynthia & Rebekah Marc, Noe, Joel, Anna,Philip, Ruthie, Josiah
Saukeen Jones & baby Anna Christy, Emily, Abby & John
Pastor Mauricio & Jose


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