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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


After the final commercial break.......

Here is the church before (back in October)

And Andrew, the host (? Ty Pennington) says

"YOUTH PASTOR TERRY (bus driver)

MOVE THAT VAN (bus)".....

WOW, Yahoo, Yipee!!!!!

Spring is in the Air

Here is my pregnant kitty Pantera (my little kitty from months ago left to be with another family) as well as pregnant Emi.

Emi had 7 puppies about 12 days ago and they have yet to open their eyes to see the world. Pantera had 5 babies last Thursday but we are unsure if they were taken or if she has put them in a very safe hiding spot. We thought they had gone missing so in order to help her out with her excess milk we (well Josiah) decided to help her out a little......

And here is the little man Joel pondering all the new babies.
(note: Check out the shirt that Josiah is wearing.)

My New Apartment

I am so happy to say that I moved into my new apartment last Thursday. I absolutley love it. Thank you to Josiah & Mauricio for all their hard work. And to Josh as well who made my awesome desk & to Jose for making my new bed. I also have my own closet; after 6 months in a suitcase I was so excited to push the suitcase under my bed.

It is not quite finished as the kitchen/den still needs a ceramic floor and Wood ceiling as right now it has a cement floor and tin roof. But I just LOVE it!!



Here is the
Design Team

From Vancouver: Terry, Gord, Lori, Andrew, Joe, BJ, Jessica, Melody, Anna, Andrea, Nikki, Marisa, Morissa, Mark, Travis, Matt, Dawn-Marie, Emily, Tara, Braedon, Josh & Lana

From Costa Rica: Josiah, Cynthia, Joel, Jose, Fabi, Pastor Mauricio, Marjorie

Morissa, Anna, Dawn-Marie

Marisa, Jessica, BJ
Andrea, Lana, Andrew

Melody & her daughter Dawn-Marie

Left top to bottom Left: Mark, Ana, Nikki, Andrea, Marisa, Morissa, Dawn-Marie, Travis
left to right: Dawn-Marie, Josh, Marisa, Joe, tara, Travis, Braedon, Mark, Emily, Morissa, Anna

The construction work

Picking up where the October team left off and with much help from the construction crew of Costa Rica including Mauricio, Jose, Josh and Josiah we added an extension on to the church, tore down the old kitchen area and small house, painted, stuccoed (with help from Joe) and laid tons of gravel. We also had a great team of ladies cooking delicious lunches for us (including Marjorie, Cynthia, Faby).
It was stinkin' hot and humid and very dirty but the results are well worth every single drop of sweat and peice of laundry that had to be bleached or sometimes even left behind. After many pairs of workgloves, sweat rags and bottles of water....okay are you getting excited to see the result yet?????

Ministry in the South

This was an awesome team who came down super prepared. The entire team perfomred dramas as seen above. There also was Bible melo-dramas or re-enactments of stories using team members and members of the audience. We had a Youth night including games, prizes and Pizzas, just like our Canadian Youth events. Many of the nights were aimed towards the children as everywhere we went more and more kids would come. There was bubble-blowing, balloons, giveaways including games, pencils, toothbrushes and tons more.

Thank you to everyone who donated supplies for this team. You really blessed the people of Costa Rica.

Some of the team also was able to spend time with some little ones in a preschool across the street.

Northside Youth Team

The youth team from Northside Fourquare Church arrived on March 19th and stayed until the 31st. We headed down towards Panama down the Pacific Coast. Our base was in Palmar Norte (out of the same church that the Fall Men's team worked on in October 2006) and from there we visited many towns in the surrounding area. The bigger towns being Golfito and Rio Claro as seen on map above. We even took a short afternoon visit down to Panama where you can walk in a store in Costa Rica and exit out the otherside in Panama.

This is the leadership team (Pastor Terry, Pastor Gord, Lori Girard and Andrew Lauwers) who brought down 16 others including teen, adults, and young adults as Youth leaders. The team was joined by Missionaries Josiah, Cynthia and Joel Hubbard, Pastors Mauricio and Marjorie Lopez, Fabiana and Jose Masis, Josh Ellingson & myself also from Northside but already in Costa Rica.