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Friday, May 25, 2007

River Rafting on the Pacuare

Okay you'll notice that none of these are me as I didn't want to lose my camera if we happened to fall out (which we did- but I loved it ;). But these are pictures from the companies website & so are a really good indicator of what the waves are really like. The Pacuare is one of the top ten White-water Rafting Rivers in the world.

here's a quote from their website (

"The Pacuare needs little introduction. It is hands down the best river trip in the tropics. It has it all, pure water, virgin rainforests, tremendous canyon scenery, diverse bird species, and, 25 Class 3 and 4 rapids that will challenge and thrill beginner rafters and old pros alike. After an hour of fun rapids, we will pull over and take a photo break by a majestic waterfall, thus charging our batteries for the big rapids to come. After meeting the challenge of Double Drop, Upper Huacas and Lower Huacas (all Class 4´s) we´ll take a welcome stop at our mid-canyon camp overlooking Pinball rapid from the comfort of your table."

It was in the pinball rapid that our boat went for a swim, yes the entire boat but our great guide managed to hold down the helm until we all could be rescued by kayakers & White-water rafting emergency procedures. Thankfully we all ended up with only a few scratches. But one of our girls, who is a white-water guide in the States, she got into a extremely dangerous white-water phenomenon called a wall and literally she was held under the water. Praise God, it finally let her loose so she could be rescued by a kayaker.

Having said all that, I LOVED it and think that I just might be hooked. Josiah & I plan to take Noe, Rolias and maybe Cynthia (minus Joel) rafting before I go home in August.

enjoy the photos.....anyone interested???

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Noe, Ronald Elias & Joel

Just hangin' around at home
Noe, Rolias & Joel
Noe & Joel

Team Photos

back left to right: Pastor Shane, Wanda, Elizabeth, Julie, Laurie, Renee
middle right to left: Pastor Dave, Mike, Chris, nathan, Krystal, Doris, Tammie,
bottom left to right: Alejandra & Laura (from Costa Rica), Shalimar, Karissa, Sarah, Katie, & Pastor Tanya.

(TEAM COSTA RICA: Pastor Mauricio & Marjorie, Jose & Faby, Josiah, Cynthia & Joel, Alejandra, Laura & myself)

in Jicotea: Explaining the ministry that goes on here.

Sarah & Wanda
CrystalFabiana & Chris

Shalimar & Andres (Mauricio's son)

Pastor Shane, KarissaJosiah, Joel & CynthiaPastor Tanya & me


Youth Nite and Construction

Fabi and Sarah washing the walls of Pastor Mauricio's house in order to put on a fresh coat of paint.

Reconstructing new bedrooms for Pastor Mauricio's kids

Joel enjoying the Youth band

Pastor Tanya and pastor Mauricio competing in the Youth games


we also visited an orphanage. this house has 6 kids right now. Most of the kids were in school when we visited but this allowed us a little quality time

This little sweetie we fell in love with, it was her first day in the orphanage and she told Faby that her mom had gone to buy some paints for her to color with and that her mom would be back soon to pick her up.

team New England

We had three days of Children's activities in the local hall as well as visiting a school. There was dramas, gifts, singing, dancing and on the final day we had over 300 kids.

Mariel's Birthday

Mariel (Cynthia's niece) celebrated her 2nd birthday last weekend.

with Pepino (aka Larry Boy)
with grandpa and baby joel
Just can't resist such cute pictures.


OR in English

Honkin' Big Toad (okay maybe that's my translation but....)

under my bed
still under my bed
refusing to leave
trying to get in my suitcase
stopping to eat in the kitchen
Emi trying to help
Emi backes off cuz now the toad's mad
(note the increase in size...apparently the poison they shoot can kill a small dog)
Finally successful....until the toad returned the following two nights and on the last night was joined by 2 bats & a cockroach... I think I have moved into the Animal Kingdom

Thursday, May 10, 2007


This past weekend I joined Liz Fritz and Krista Bowker (Josiah and Cynthia's friends from Kentucky) for a bus trip to Panama. i needed to exit the country to maintain my visitor Visa and they were going to visit the mom of a friend In Kentucky. But the interesting part is Liz (on the left) has been corresponding with a guy from Panama for a year and this was the first time they were to meet.

Liz & Alex

presenting the couple at church on Sunday

meeting the family (8 siblings-3 missing from picture)

Boquette, Panama
Mi jardin es su jardin

A garden in private home that you can visit for free.