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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pantera-La Gatita

Here is my sweet little kitty (Gatita) Pantera (panther) just before she had her babies. Her belly was HUGE! She could barely walk.

(You may recal that she was pregnant back in April but unfortunately all the little kitties wen t missing. Now they are all living in my apartment with me so they can stay safe.)

We have (well, I guess she has) 5 baby kittens that are 3 1/2 days old.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TEAM California

A team from California spent three days with us. It was a Mayra & Nate and their three teenagers and one friend as well as their youth pastor who is their cousin. They put on a service in Jicotea on Friday and Turrialba on Saturday. There was dramas, music, choreographed dancing and Myra also gave her testimony of being healed from severe Asthma. Very powerful!


Pastor Mauricio and Marjorie & Pastor Pi


JOEL- 7 months old

Joel is now sitting on his own, drinking from a straw (well the wrong end but..), saying mommy, and stands when holding on to something. What a cutie!!

Happy monthday Joel!


I accidentally drove over a snake. And of course needed a little photo so Noe and Rolias had to capture it. They were so freaked out that they couldn't put it in the car (in a bag) instead they hung it from the driver's side mirror...however I must admit I closed the window.

Emi checking to make sure it really is dead

Joel & Baby Mozart

Joel & his daddy hanging out watching baby Mozart... How'd they do that??
it's pretty cool how that rooster's head moves all on it's own

Wow, here comes the dinosaur!!

lana, your flash is really distracting me!

I'm a big boy and can watch it all on my own.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Killing my first Chicken

Okay, I don't know if this is a right of passage for Missionaries, but on Friday, I killed my first chicken.
A team arrived from California so we made Arroz con Pollo (rice with chicken) for lunch, this is a favorite in Costa Rica. Nearly every fiesta I have been to, they have served Arroz con Pollo. Anyway, our chickens are very skinny (they actually are more for eggs and not for meat) so we needed four chickens. They kind of remind me of the rubber chicken (see below).

Josiah's first didn't go as well as we planned but after our neighbor Dona Luzma showed us how it's done. Noe and I did the last two.
I must say I think it was my first and last but it was much worse to watch than to do it. I really tried not to think about it to much.

Okay, I'm gonna stop now but if you are brave enough here are some of the photos. I haven't included anything really bad as I don't really want to look at them again anyway.

Okay I ask you, rubber chicken or not???

New Eyeglasses

This past week, I took Ana Maria, Rolias and Noe for an eye exam in Turrialba.

We had been noticing Noe having trouble when he was reading; his eye would twitch and he had a lot of headaches.

All three of them have astigmatism (the same as me). And thank you to the Ministry support from Northside, I was able to buy each of them glasses. They barely take them off. :)

Many blessings on those of you who are supporting this Ministry. Lives truly are being changed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The WILD outside

These are just a few of the critters that have been coming across my path in the last few days.

While out for dinner with some of the neighbors.

our neighbor Henry

in the shower at Jose and Faby´s.

Recently, the Birds (turkeys, roosters, chickens) all just had a little trim of their wings to prevent them from escaping their pen. Each morning around 3 am until 7 am, the roosters serenade me.

By the way, I want everyone to know that all the children´s books I ever had lied to me. Roosters do not say Cock'a´Doodle Do, not even close and if you have ever heard one you know just what I am talking about. It is an absolutely awful noise and it always sounds like they are being strangled.

Sorry to rant but I just had to expose the conspiracy for the truth!

OH and unfortunately it didn´t work anyway so there they were the next morning, back to ¨sing¨ to me. Arghhhhhh

Pesky rooster!

that's my apartment right behind them

my turn

Thursday, June 07, 2007


about 30 minute hike from our house

Noe, Josh Hubbard (Josiah's dad), Rolias

Josiah, Joel, Rolias & Emi



Ana Maria & I

Josiah & Joel

more of Tsipiri

Home from when Philip's parents were the original missionaries to the Dit'sai over 50 years ago. This home is two hours from Jicotea and is surrounded by Reserve.




Jakey & I in the backyard

Philip & a neighbour (well, many hours away)

Philip singing worship

Dit'sai friend & worker, joining in the singing

Josiah'dad & step-mom came to visit from Oregon.
Josh & Mary Hubbard, previous missionaries in Costa Rica

Mary Hubbard

Josh Hubbard, wow the resemblance to Josiah is un-canny